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Meta designs and facilitates a wide range of creative writing workshops for youth and adult learners. Many of his workshops are formulated so participants can explore writing techniques alongside universal themes or specific concepts. Meta is also able to design workshops tailored to your organization's needs. Below is just a small sample of the kinds of workshops Meta can offer. 

More Than Maps

This workshop will explore the age-old question, "Where do you come from?" A village, a mountain, a beach? In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of place,
but also explore our origins that can't be found on a map.

Oceans Away

What is culture? Is it important?
In this workshop, we’ll explore the different aspects of our own cultures, and discuss how we represent or connect with them while living in America.

Anchors and Sails

Geared more for teachers, administrators, or business leaders. In this workshop, we explore the power of storytelling, its ability to ground relationships, through deeper understandings of identity and empathy.


META MOB is Meta's latest EP. A short collection of rap songs that represents his roots and where he's headed. Hard hitting beats with sharp punchlines. Explicit lyrics.

Meta Mob Final Album Cover.png
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Nobody Knew is an EP where Meta finally let loose on the pain, frustration, and anger he felt about not being heard or given the respect he always knew he deserved as an artist. Hard beats and even harder lyricism

Nobody Knew Album Cover for Itunes 2.jpg
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After getting rejected by a NETFLIX show, Meta was hit with a deep depression, wondering if he should continue on his path. This Road is the EP that helped him overcome his negative emotions.

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Cover 1.png

Go Back is a single that shows Meta's softer side. Collaborating with Sierra Lucia, the song explores regret and the desire to change the past.

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go back cover2.png

From his Ep This Road, the Good I Have music video depicts Meta in isolation, contemplating life, his path as an artist, and recommitting to his focus.

Meta performs From the Sea to the Stars at the Road to COP28 in the United Arab Emirates. Meta ignites the Alwasl Dome in Dubai and delivers a powerful talk & poem about climate change.

The winner of the Best Made in the Marianas Award at Guam International Film Festival 2017. You Deserve Tomorrow is a collaborative project with Director James Davis and is a letter to a bestfriend about overcoming suicide.

Originally a contest entry, Basic is another volley at Meta's doubters and a call to elevate his conspirators. The video depicts Meta looking back at many moments of his past, particularly as an artist. 

Meta delivers a TEDx talk about size and strength. In a sold-out Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Meta combines talk and poetry and takes a final bow to a standing ovation.

Self-shot and self-made, Meta creates a poem and visual montage of the true spirit of the holidays while on vacation with his family in the Philippines.

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