December 13, 2016

somehow life is a dark room and we're all really just drowning in our moments hoping that when we come up for air, we're left with something worthy enough to keep forever.

November 21, 2016

The thing about taking a photo of this year's first snow is that I couldn't capture how quiet it all really was, how a temperature actually has sound, how that sound has the ability to slow everything it touches. 

One of my neighbors came out with his GoPro and he started walking up and down the sidewalk. When he passed me I yelled, "First snow of the year bruh!" And he said, "Cheers!" And we had a quick conversation about being cold and not from Denver. He asked if I was used to this cold, and I told him hell fuck nah, that I was from Guam. He laughed, shook his head, and told me he moved here from California, but ethnically and culturally he grew up Cuban. And we laughed even harder, two islanders shivering in the falling snow, wondering how the hell we'd make it through the rest of...

November 14, 2016

I'm experiencing Fall for the first time. The colors of fallen leaves, it's like the sun grew a pair of legs, learned to dance, and left foot prints all over the street. I was standing under a tree one night and the wind shook all the orange from the branches and left it at my ankles. My favorite things about this season so far are the cool temperatures and changing colors, that and the fact that my mommy is visiting from Guam and staying at my apartment. It'll be her first Fall, too, her first time seeing how I'm doing since I left home. 

As the branches above me become bare, I think more and more about how a tree is such a powerful, but often overlooked symbol of self-preservation and survival. These days, so many people portray survival with such aggressive images: the bat...

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